Indoor Chaise Lounge: Classic and Modern Style Combined for Comfort and Luxury

January 27, 2020

The look and appearance of our home don’t have to only rely on the designs that we have crafted on the walls, ceiling, and floor. These specific designs must match whatever furniture and appliances that we possess. One of the main furniture that we always buy and think of whenever we plan the layout of our home is sofas.

Sofas are most commonly found in our living room or any space where we entertain guests or just chill whenever there is free time. With the abundance of options for sofas, one that shines the most today is the chaise lounge. This furniture is a classic and modern style statement of what we must expect in the coming years.

Indoor Chaise Lounge for Modern Times

In case you don’t know, a chaise lounge is a type of sofa that is long enough to support your legs. Meaning, you can put up your feet on this sofa so that you can fully relax. You can even sleep there if you want. Some chaise lounges can recline and are used for psychotherapy. Due to the demand of the market right now, manufacturers have come up with many types and designs of the chaise lounge that are suitable for indoor use.

Types of Chaise Lounge

So far, there are five types of a chaise lounge that you can pick and choose from.

  • Chair Lounger:With comfort in mind, manufacturers have done the most comfortable way of enjoying and utilising a chaise lounge. Featuring a chair design, a chair lounger has an armless recliner that is permanently built in a reclined position.
  • Bench Sofa:Perfect for small cramped living spaces, a bench sofa takes less space and gives more utility thanks to its uncushioned structure. Most of the bench sofas are made backless so you can pin them against the wall.
  • Victorian: Modern times can still appreciate the classic designs of the past. Victorian chaise lounges are mostly used by the high royal families due to its sculpted designs. These lounges also have fine finishes and button upholstered fabric.
  • French: Adding to the list of chaise lounges is the French design. This type of design is known worldwide due to its unique designs. One of the designs is known as Duchesse brisee that has a long footstool to offer support to your feet. Recamier, on the other hand, has two raised ends that may be similar to a bench sofa. Another type of French design is Meridienne, which is known for its bizarre asymmetrical design.
  • Contemporary: From Victorian and French, contemporary chaise lounges are created to provide a modern look and feel for chaise lounges, especially those who want to just have a minimalist design. They are made armless and framed with steel that can perfectly provide comfort and elegance.

Buying an indoor chaise lounge is easy as long as you know the design that you are looking for. You can consult with professionals so that they can recommend you the best chaise lounge for your home. We at Peter Ross Enterprises can help you with that as we have been in the furniture industry for more than two decades.