Important Factors to Remember When Buying Replacement Table Legs

February 14, 2018

At times, table legs require replacing due to breakage, age or other issues. During your search for the ideal legs, though, you probably are already confused as to which styles and finishes are suitable for your particular table. After all, there are tall, medium and short legs available along with a variety of finishes and enhancements. You can clear this confusion by keeping in mind the following important factors for purchasing replacement table legs.

Match the Style of the Legs with the Table

You must match the style of the new legs with the table’s style. Whether your table is retro, modern, traditional or contemporary, you can locate the right leg style for your purposes. When you match the styles successfully, you provide design continuity.

The Dimensions of the Legs

Measure the old legs to learn the width and length that you require in the new ones. Dining tables sit fairly high off the floor so they require longer legs than coffee tables do since these tables sit close to the floor just for one example.

Choose the Finish That Will Complement Your Table in an Ideal Fashion

Another important factor to keep in mind when shopping for your replacement table legs is the finish that you prefer or require for them. You can select from finishes such as metallic, stained and painted. Modern and contemporary tables often contain stainless steel, alloy, aluminium or chrome legs while traditional and retro legs have stained wood legs and at times, painted wood ones. Also, retro legs can contain a brass trim around the bottom.

Purchase Replacement Legs From a Reputable Company

It also is important to buy your replacement legs from a reputable company. One of the main reasons that we state this factor is to ensure that you receive attractive, quality legs that endure over time. Another reason to heed this advice is that the company will offer customisation of legs when their stock options do not fulfil your needs in an adequate way. The company’s designers will work closely with you to provide favourable results.

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