How to Remove Scuff Marks Left by Furniture Legs on Wooden Floor

October 26, 2018

Compared to other types of flooring, a wooden floor is the most popular because it adds value to homes, creates a warm and stylish environment, and it can last more than 100 years if it is regularly maintained and repaired as needed.

One of the main drawbacks to wooden flooring is that it is susceptible to scuff marks – marks that are caused by various items, such as shoe heels, toys, ladders, beds, and furniture, to name a few. Of these, scuff marks left by furniture legs can be the most difficult to remove.

How to Remove Furniture Legs Scuff Marks on Your Wooden Floor

If you have unsightly scuff marks on your wooden floor caused by furniture legs, there are a few trick you can try to remove them “safely,” without causing any damage to your flooring. Before you begin, here are some items you will need:

• 2 soft pieces of cloth
• A bowl of water
• A sponge
• Olive oil
• Vinegar
• A new tennis ball

The main cause of scuff marks is when furniture legs of chairs, beds, tables, and sofas make direct contact with wood flooring. When furniture rests directly on the surface of wooden floors, scuff marks will occur when furniture slides, pushed, or moved into place. Fortunately, scuff marks are fairly easy to clean and do not require sanding or varnish to repair, such as the case when removing scratches.

Techniques to remove scuff marks from your wooden floor:

Use a clean damp cloth – slightly rub the scuff area in a circular motion while applying moderate pressure, this should easily get out light scuff marks, and then wipe dry with a dry cloth.

A mixture of vinegar and olive oil – for harder scuff marks, mix a tablespoon of virgin olive oil and white vinegar together, and then pour a small amount of the solution on the scuff mark and rub in a circular motion until it is removed. When finished, wipe with a dry cloth.

Use a tennis ball – it is possible to safely remove scuff marks with a tennis ball because the fabric of the ball is coarse, even if this technique doesn’t remove all of the scuff mark, it will definitely reduce it.

To avoid scuff marks on your wooden floor from furniture legs, it is best to take preventive measures by either placing an area rug under your furniture, or simply using furniture pads or coasters under your furniture legs.