How to Keep Furniture Legs from Scratching your Floor

June 29, 2017

Much like a part of any home that is visually appealing, the choice of flooring is something blatantly noticeable all around, and it is the most exposed part of a home. Floors can show how beautiful and neat your home is. However, it is sometimes unavoidable to leave marks on your floor from moving furniture around.

When furniture leaves unsightly marks on the floor, it makes people feel frustrated that more could have been done to prevent scratching from happening, thankfully, there are ways to prevent scratching your floors in the future.

Preventing Furniture from Scratching Your Floors

Quality furniture decorates a home and leave a pleasing impression on eyes of your guests. High-quality custom-made furniture is often the crowning glory of a home – a source of pride, and often times protecting your floors from furniture legs leaving marks gets overlooked.

There are many types of flooring material found in homes, and the choices depend on the location and purpose of each room in the house. Some of the most common types of flooring are:

  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Hardwood
  • Laminated Floor
  • Marbles
  • Cork Flooring

Of the types of flooring above, laminated and marble floors are the most durable in handling scratching from furniture legs. Though durable, however, they are not immune to scratching.

Here are some ways to avoid floor scratching by your furniture:

To protect your floor from scratches and chips, as much as possible do not push or pull your furniture if possible, lifting it is the best.

If you need to move your furniture, use rugs under the furniture’s feet to push or pull.

Purchase furniture pads at a hardware store or home depot, these can be made of rubber, felt or cork.

Before moving old or newly bought furniture, check the feet of the legs for any chipping or sharp edges, these may need sanding to lessen the risk of scratching your floors.

Furniture legs made from quality materials are less likely to scratch flooring, and they can be very decorative in style. If you are thinking about buying new furniture, consider custom-made furniture from Peter Ross – manufacturer of high-quality furniture and furniture legs for residential and commercial purposes.

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