How Does Chrome Plating Benefit Furniture Legs

August 12, 2020

One thing that most homeowners can do if they want to increase the height of their furniture pieces is to install furniture legs below them. Elevating furniture pieces such as coffee tables and sofas is typically done to match a specific theme or style that is applied to a specific living space. Increasing their height gives off some improvements over depth and appearance.

The base material for most furniture legs is typically made from either wood or metal. Their coating, however, can be made from other materials. One common coating material for furniture legs is chromium. Chrome plating, which is the application of the chromium layer to a specific surface, is often utilised by furniture manufacturers as it can significantly improve the qualities of furniture legs and other related materials. Here are some notable benefits furniture legs enjoy when they are applied with chrome plating.

Beautiful Appearance

The shiny, bright, and eye-catching finish of chrome plating make it beneficial for furniture legs. The addition of chromium to furniture legs can produce a sleek, modern look that is compatible with most current popular furniture styles as well as contemporary home designs. Not only the chromium is great to look at, but it can also provide a smooth surface that can fit well with most types of furniture.

Corrosion Resistance

One great benefit of furniture legs with chrome plating is that they can readily resist corrosion. Metal materials are known to quickly deteriorate over the existence of corrosive elements. So, if the furniture legs are made from a material that can corrode easily, then the manufacturer can opt to coat it with chromium. Chrome-plated furniture legs do not only look beautiful, but they can also last longer.

Weather Resistance

If you want to improve the height of your outdoor chairs or tables, then you may want to consider chrome-plated furniture legs. The application of chrome plating to furniture legs allows them to withstand different weather extremes and elements. The chromium surface of these enhancements can even resist extremely high or low temperatures. It can also tolerate high or low humidity levels.

Strong Adherence

Unlike other types of metal plating, chrome plating can strongly attach to the furniture legs without chipping or wearing off over time. The strength of adherence to this type of plating helps the furniture legs become durable against scratches and damages of their surface or finish. Flaking and delamination are both braved by the application of chromium to furniture legs.

Terrific Compatibility

Furniture legs may come in different complex shapes, surfaces, and materials. Fortunately, chrome plating can easily be applied to them without losing any of the abovementioned properties. Furniture legs that are made from stainless steel, copper, brass, and many more can be coated with chromium. And even if these legs have irregular shapes or finish, chromium can easily blend well with them. The benefits you can get from chrome furniture legs can be massive, especially if you will be using them in numerous furniture pieces. If you want to have your own chrome furniture legs, just give us a call at Peter Ross Enterprises. We specialize in creating custom furniture legs, sofas, lounges, and custom furniture for every occasion.