Get Rid of Carpet Indentations with Custom Furniture Legs

November 10, 2015

When furniture pieces without legs sit on the carpet, they leave large indentations in the carpet. Over time, these can become permanent unless you take action. With the addition of legs to these pieces of furniture, you can lift the pieces off the floor to rid yourself of the large indentations. At Peter Ross Enterprises, we design and manufacture custom furniture legs that will help you alleviate this situation. We offer wood, chrome, aluminum, alloy and stainless steel versions in various styles, shapes and sizes.

Wood Styles

Wood legs are ideal for traditional pieces, and you can select the colour of stain for them. We have a large selection to make your choice from, including the examples below:

GR Bun 70h 80dia has a wide, stocky, ball-type shape except that the top and bottom are flat. There are two lines of decoration around the middle area of the leg. Ideal for couches and other large pieces.

Shadow Leg 55h 220 long is in the shape of the L and spreads the weight of the furniture over a larger area than some other legs do to prevent indentations from occurring in your carpet.

Chrome Legs

Our chrome legs add an ultra-modern flair to your furniture. The assortment that we offer in this style includes such attractive ones as:

Chrome leg 60sq 50h is a block-shaped leg in mostly chrome finish with a black base.

Chrome leg 50 round and 100h is tall enough to leave space under the furniture once you attach four of them to your specific piece.

Chrome ball leg 110h 145dia is ball-like in shape with a flat bottom and top. While most of the body is chrome, the bottom of it is black.

Aluminum Choices

Aluminum holds up well over the years and retains its attractive appearance. One example of these custom furniture legs is the aluminum leg 70sq. With its rectangular block style, this selection is perfect for chairs, couches, coffee tables and end tables to minimise the amount of indentations that they create in a carpet.

Our Alloy Furniture Legs

Our alloy legs are yet another choice that you have when you turn to us for furniture legs. An example of these legs is the alloy leg 80dia is cylindrical in shape, and the body is mostly alloy, but with a black bottom.

Stainless Steel Models

if stainless steel complements your furniture style the best, consider the stainless steel 50h 50 round legs for your needs. With a body of stainless steel and a black bottom, it makes a stunning addition to your furniture while preventing large indentations in your carpet.

The above styles are just a small sampling of our product line here at Peter Ross Enterprises. Select the custom furniture legs that fit your furniture style the best to prevent unsightly, large indentations from happening in your carpet no matter the depth of the fibre.

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