Furniture Leg Masters in Melbourne

August 19, 2016

When you seek quality legs for furniture pieces, there is no better place to turn than the furniture leg masters in Melbourne, namely Peter Ross Enterprises. We carry a wide assortment of legs that are suitable for different pieces of furniture ranging from chairs to tables. On top of this, you can select from wood, stainless steel, chrome, alloy and aluminium styles. Peter Ross custom makes all of our legs along with pieces of furniture.

A Brief Company History

Our Company has been in business since 1996. We have brought high-quality designs, furniture and legs to our clients over the years. In addition, we are Australian owned and manufacture all of our products at our Campbellfield facilities.

Examples of the Legs That You Can Buy From Our Company

1. Wooden Legs

  • Shadow legs that are 55 high 220 long
  • Cone legs 170 high 50 top 30 bottom
  • GR bun bed legs
  • Cone bed legs in 100 high 80 top 60 bottom
  • Cone legs that are 140 high 65 top 35 bottom
  • Pyramid legs in various sizes
  • Sofa block legs that are 45 high 140×140
  • Sofa bun feets in different styles and sizes

2. Chrome Legs

  • Chrome y-shaped legs in sizes 100 high 100 long and 150 high and 150 long
  • Chrome legs in 50 high 100 long
  • Chrome legs that are 50 high 165 long
  • Cube-style chrome legs in 60 square 120 high
  • Block-style chrome legs that are 60 square 50 high
  • Round tall chrome legs at a size of 50 diameter 100 high
  • Chrome ball legs in 145 diameter 110 high

3. Stainless Steel Legs

  • Round style 50 diameter 50 high

4. Alloy Legs

    • Alloy round legs 80 diameter
    • Alloy round legs 60 diameter

5. Aluminium Legs

      • Vertical, rectangular aluminium legs in various sizes
      • Horizontal, rectangular legs that are 70 high 100 long, 150 long or 200 long

Other Leg Models

Along with the above leg models, we offer retro legs for tables and other furniture in various sizes. With these models, we combine wood and metal to recapture the feel of a bygone era of furniture.

You can easily see why we say that our company is the furniture leg masters in Melbourne, Australia. Consult with us for further details on how we can serve your needs. We use the finest materials and techniques to create all of our products, and we guarantee satisfaction. Whether you are replacing worn legs, or placing new legs on your furniture pieces to improve their look, we are the place to come to find the exact ones that you need for your purposes.

Peter Ross Enterprises

Address: 75 Killara Road Campbellfield,
3061 Melbourne, VIC
Phone: (03) 9357 8970, Fax: (03) 9357 8970

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