Furniture Leg Customisation: What are The Things to Consider?

April 30, 2018

Furniture is a major part of a home’s décor, and it can be an ideal way to make a house more inviting. Even if you have had your furniture for a while, there is a way to upgrade your sofa, lounges, chairs and couch without reupholstering them.

Furniture leg customisation is any easy way to upgrade the furniture in your home, without having to reupholster or buy new ones. Whether you just want to add a new look to a room, or you need to replace broken furniture legs, customising your furniture legs is the best way to reinvent your current sofa, lounge, chairs, or couch.

Before you begin your search for new furniture legs, there are some things you should consider:

Have fun
– customising your furniture and upgrading your home décor can be fun and exciting, and it should be. So, get creative with style ideas and seriously consider customising your furniture legs in a way that makes you feel good.

Locate a supplier of furniture legs
– to get the best selection, find a supplier of quality furniture legs, like Peter Ross Enterprises that can customise furniture legs to match any kind of furniture you have, such as antique chairs, sofas, and coffee tables.

Endless variety of replacements
– there are many types and styles of ready-made furniture legs available, but finding just the right ones to go with your couch, sofa, or antique furniture may seem impossible. Thankfully, at Peter Ross Enterprises, we can specially make the perfect furniture legs for you that will match or replicate any antique or modern furniture.

Create by combining features
– the only limitation with customised furniture legs is your imagination. If you see any existing designs you like here at Peter Ross Enterprises, or you have pictures of furniture legs that you like, it is possible to combine feature of both to give you the unique style you are after.

The specific height of custom furniture legs can also be achieved to meet unique requirements for special use furniture, and for coffee tables, dining tables, and bed-side tables.

Here at Peter Ross Enterprises, as a proudly Australian owned and operated company, we have been providing only the highest quality furniture to the domestic and commercial markets in Melbourne and throughout Australia, since 1996. As professional furniture makers, we have the expertise and experience to custom create literally any hand-made wood product, such as furniture legs, chairs, sofa lounges, and tables, to meet any need or style you desire.