Furniture Damage Control: How to Deal with Broken Furniture Legs in Wooden Furniture?

October 21, 2020

Furnishings are an essential part of any home, and a home would be quite comfortless in the absence of chairs, tables, and beds. These things are so ubiquitous to the modern lifestyle; however, most of the time people seem to take it for granted unless the furniture gets broken or damaged. One of the most readily ruined parts of home furniture is the legs, and also easily the most overlooked part.

There are innumerable types of furniture legs, each specifically designated for a distinct type of furniture style. While practically speaking, any type of furniture legs will do so long as a thing is propped up and stable. Making sure that your home’s furnishings look impeccable however curtails a need for specialized furniture legs to either match your intended aesthetics or to repair parts that have been broken. Below are ways on how you can deal with broken furniture legs.

Check for Replacements

Chair legs are not the only thing that can be specially made. You can have replacement legs customised for your ottoman, couch, loveseat, sofa, divan and more. Likewise, furniture legs can be customised to fit your individual style whether you want legs that match your 18th century décor or you desire a new contemporary environment. In fact, the choices for specialized custom legs are practically endless.

Although you can find a vast amount of information about do-it-yourself leg repair, it is not always the best solution. First, you take the chance of making a mistake which may impart irreversible damage. Sometimes even the slightest error can permanently ruin your furniture. Second, there are other things to consider besides attaching the legs.

For example, leg channels might be needed so that it is parallel, the trim may need flushed (without damaging the surrounding finish) and precision cuts are absolutely necessary. Lastly, specialized equipment is needed to do quality work. For instance, you will need a router, top of the line measuring tools, a superior bandsaw, a chisel and hammer, special wood glue and durable clamps.

Ensure Complementary Design for Interior Space

Did you know that the quality of your furniture may affect the value of your house? Regrettably, damaged or broken pieces of furniture can reduce the worth and charm of your home. In truth, just one piece of furniture with damaged legs will make your whole décor look very unkempt. What is more, décor that is not maintained will discourage potential buyers from considering any type of investment.

Regardless of the type of wooden furniture you own, they all have their own individual structural issues. A piece of furniture can have loose legs, rungs, spindles or joints. Inevitably, your favorite piece of furniture will break down. The good news is that most pieces are easily repaired. And when it comes to replacing the furniture legs, customizing is absolutely the best option. In the long run, customised furniture legs last longer and will match your décor perfectly.

Consult with Professionals

One of the greatest benefits of customised legs is that a specialized craftsman has years of experience that enable them to do quality work. As well, they have all the equipment needed to complete the job. The finished project is at the highest standards and is personalized to fit your taste. In addition, a craftsman can help you with the design, style and type of wood to best suit the piece of furniture and your décor.