Fashionable Chairs and Sofa Lounges that Fit Your Personality and Style: Available at Peter Ross Enterprises

December 17, 2019

The furniture is one important facet of a home that dictates its overall style and interior design. That is why it is important to pick items that enhance the aesthetic of your home without compromising the functionality. Below are examples of fashionable chairs and sofa lounges that fit your personality and style.

Revenge Chair

A revenge chair in fashion print can indeed fit your personality and style. Interior designers have suggested that one of the best ways to accentuate a living room is by adding a revenge chair or two. A revenge chair with fashion print is an excellent combination of artist texture and vintage style furniture that is guaranteed to capture your guests’ attention as they enter your home, giving them that good first impression you desire. It is an icon of elegance, style, and class, and to have a beautifully, handcrafted, Australian made revenge chair in your living, it is a furniture piece you can be proud to share with guests.

Mid-Century Style Chair and Sofa Lounges

Due to its vintage inspired wood bases, using leather or other comfortable fabric with button-turfed back, mid-century style chairs and sofa lounges invokes a natural aura. If mid-century furniture design matches your personality and style, it will allow each piece to shine on its own, and with the right wood furniture legs it will truly complement the classic look.

Metro Chairs and Sofa Lounges

Metro style chairs and sofa lounges provide versatile seating that works just as well in formal living rooms or in office spaces. With a typical low profile appearance and clean lines, using short wood, brass, or aluminium furniture legs will assure the furniture matches perfectly.

Tub Chairs

Tub chairs are considered as the best accent chairs that are both fashionable and functional. They are easy to customise in order to fit your personality and style. If you want the best accent chairs for your home, then you should have customised tub chairs made. The main benefit of having customised furniture made, compared to buying pre-made furniture, is the fact that it is custom-made to specifically the size, shape, style, and fabric to match the décor of your home perfectly.

Chaise Lounges

There is nothing that quite blends elegance and functionality like a customised chaise lounge. Custom made lounges can go a long way toward improving your home, but only if you know what you are looking for. Chaise lounges can either be modern, classic era or a combination of both.

If you are seeking new fashionable chairs and sofa lounges consider Peter Ross Enterprises in Melbourne. We have all the above mentioned options and we can custom fit them to your personality and style.