Factors to Consider when Customising Sofas and Lounges

September 15, 2017

To achieve the ideal results when customising sofas and lounges, you must consider all of the aspects of these pieces of furniture. If any one element is not right on them, they will not be as high in quality as they could be otherwise. Durable construction is not all of what it takes to create long-lasting and attractive sofas and lounges. You need to design these pieces to be stylish and easy to maintain as well. Below, you will learn some factors to think about when customising lounges and sofas.

Overall Design

The overall design of custom lounges and sofas should be one that is durable while being eye-appealing. All details need to be in the plans down to the smallest element. This ensures that you do not overlook an important feature. Design features as well as the upholstery should adhere to the intended décor style. For example, a geometric pattern on the upholstery is modern as is a minimalist design of the overall lounge’s or sofa’s construction.

Quality of Upholstery

You should use fabric that is specially designed for upholstery when deciding this part of the lounge or sofa. Otherwise, the fabric will not hold up well under daily use. Upholstery fabric is thicker and made of durable materials.

Colours or Patterns of Upholstery and Wood Elements

You will need to choose colours for the upholstery and wood elements of these furniture pieces. Be certain the all the shades complement each other. Also, you may have a pattern in mind for your upholstery and this should blend with the style of the sofa or lounge in the right manner.

What Type of Legs Are Ideal for These Pieces?

The last consideration is the type of legs that are suitable for these custom furniture pieces. You need to decide whether you want tall, medium or short legs as well as the basic shape of the legs. How high off the floor the bottom of the pieces sits is often a determining factor here. In addition, you have wood, aluminium, stainless steel, alloy and retro ones from which to make your selection. Always consider the décor style of the piece before making your final decision.

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