Difference between readymade and custom made furniture

June 25, 2014

Many people think and believe that furniture is all the same, but that is just not true. There are actually several different kinds of furniture, and all of them are made differently. Each one consisting of completely different materials.

You will also notice that custom made furniture is more expensive and far more durable than ready-made or “disposable” furniture. There are a couple of reasons that contribute to this, which I will explain in order to clear up the differences between the two.

One of the reasons that custom made furniture is preferable to ready-made or “disposable” furniture is because custom made furniture is not as bulky. It is more expensive because it is made from authentic materials that are heavier and far more durable.

Custom made furniture can also be custom built to suite your home environment. You can have it customised to match any decor. You don’t have that option with readymade furniture. With readymade furniture you get what you pay for. It is hard to find furniture suited to match your personality and home when shopping readymade furniture.

With custom made furniture you can tell the maker exactly what you are looking for, and the two of you will either find or have made that perfect piece of furniture to fit your home and style design. There is also a big difference in the material that is used between custom made furniture and readymade furniture. The difference is the quality and style of the two different types of furniture.

Readymade furniture is used of cheaper material. It is great for people just starting out, children’s rooms and the like. It is not something that you buy to last your lifetime through or as a family heirloom. Much of this will be made from cheap particle board or like materials. To be more specific, the majority of ready-made furniture items are made of 70% to 80% wood powder also known as particle board. Plus, you have to assemble most of these types of items yourself, and that can be a real pain!

Particle board is not water resistant, therefore is less durable than other board products. Readymade furniture is also bulky and really doesn’t suit your house needs to your expectations of what you need. The layer of protection is thin and flimsy. It will peel with little assistance and just from regular wear and tear. This is not furniture that can simply be redone either.

Custom made furniture is crafted individually rather than being made in bulk like ready-made furniture. Costume made furniture lasts a lot longer due to the better quality wood that it is made of. It is made of commercial plywood and is also called MR ply or BWR ply. It is thicker and it lasts a lot longer than particle board.

Also, custom made furniture is made to your specifications, and it isn’t as bulky as the retail furniture tends to be. Custom pieces will add value to your house. This is especially true if you are in the market to have the home appraised or sold.

So, when you are looking to buy furniture, make sure you know the pros, the cons and differences between the two in order to help you make the best decision on which furniture will meet your current needs.