Customised Tables: Tips in Choosing the Right Timber Quality

May 12, 2020

One fundamental furniture that can be seen in any household, offices, and other facilities is tables. It is where people usually eat, work, and any other activities that require the placement of things for a long time. While premade tables are widely available in furniture stores, opting for customised tables is a batter option for people who want to somehow fit them to a specific theme or style of a room. However, they must consider some elements to make customised tables possible.

You see, tables that are being customised can only look great if you use the right timber quality. Without knowing any characteristics of timber, you may end up with a table that will not even last for a year, leading you to more expenses and wasted resources. In choosing the right timber for your customised tables, consider following these tips for your own good.

Timber Wood

One of the most important aspects of timber that you should consider is the wood material. Here in Australia, the abundance of great timber wood materials helps us attain durable and elegant customised tables. Some great timber wood materials for furniture and customised tables include Jarrah, spotted gum, blackbutt, Tasmanian oak, Victorian ash, and Cypress pine. Most of these timber types can resist damaging elements.

Timber Grade

Timber materials are graded and sorted into groups, wherein the materials in each of these groups possess similar structural properties. In Australia, different grade systems are used in identifying the properties of a specific timber. If you want to go for a table that has a natural look, then you may want to timber with standard grade. Timber under character grade, alternatively, is best used to furniture and tables that appear to be more creative.

Timber Colour

The mentioned wood materials above possess a wide variety of colours, which can be confusing for some people. As an advice, the colour of your customised table must blend in well with the appearance of your home or office, Some timber colour options that you can choose from are soft salmon pink, rich reddish-brown, pale grey-brown, rich chocolate red-brown, cream, and many more.

Timber Finish

The finish of your table may vary according to your preference. However, the capability of your timber material to still look great after applying necessary finishes must be assessed carefully. Tables out of character grade timber can have a brushed and oiled finish to make them look natural and have a matte feel to them. A tougher, more resilient finish, on the other hand, can be achieved if you use a hard lacquer. With lacquer, your table may look glossy and can withstand any elements.

Knowing these tips can help you choose the best timber quality that you can pick out there. Customised tables, after all, give you freedom over their overall composition. If you want to have your tables customised, feel free to contact us at Peter Ross Enterprises. We have been providing the domestic and commercial markets with the highest quality furniture and industry-leading design since 1996.