Customised Retro Style Sofa for Your Living Space

April 28, 2020

Your living space is one of the most important areas of your home. It is the area where your family gets to spend most of the time doing various activities. From watching movies to just talking about anything, this space can help your family maintain a strong connection and relationship even in a short time. Aside from family gatherings, this space is also utilised for entertaining guests and loved ones.

This specific space normally dictates the overall vibe of your family. Elements such as paint colours, furniture, flooring, appliances can effectively reflect your choice of design and style. One popular design that homeowners tend to bring on their respective living spaces is the retro style. First introduced in the 1950s, this style is easily recognised with the use of lively and bright colours.

Retro Style Appearance

Colour is one of the main key points of incorporating retro style in your living space. This style is known for its colourful appearance, contrary to the modern minimalistic design. Colours used in a retro living space include green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, red, brown, and all similar shades. These colours can be used in furniture, walls, arts, and posters.

Retro style can also thrive using plaid patterns and flowers. This style also uses patterns that are abstract, geometric, and futuristic. All these mentioned patterns can be used and seen in your chairs, sofas, and stools. If your sofa is solid, then you can add as many decorative pillows as you want. Just make sure that they are still colourful and manifest luminous and funky accents.

Some additional things that you can add with retro living space are pendant lamps, table lamps, triangle coffee table, wooden television stand, and sleek end table.

Sofa in Full Retro Style

Some homeowners tend to go with retro style as they long for a nostalgic feeling. They simply want to pay homage to styles that were popular many decades ago. Others, however, just want to experience the classic and simple way of living during the past years. Some select homeowners resort to retro style since this specific style nods to contemporary trends in pop culture.

While standard furniture stores tend to sell modern-looking sofas, other stores still offer customisation of a sofa. Believe it or not, there are tons of retro sofa style designs that are available for you. You can opt for sofas that have a bright, sleek, and slender body. Chrome flat bar sofa can also be created to match your retro living space.

The colours that you can utilise on your sofa include avocado greens, harvest golds, oranges, and earth browns. An orange sectional in the living room can focalise the room and bring a standout mid-century appeal to your room. A tight-back sofa can also be used in a retro living space if you do not want to invest in lavish cushions and graceful roll arms.

Even with these retro sofa options, you can still maintain mid-century modern looks just by keeping most of your furniture in a neutral hue. You may also want to restrict the popping colours of your living space to one or two pieces of furniture to maintain a cohesive and consistent look. If you want to have your own customised retro style sofa, you can contact us at Peter Ross Enterprises. We specialize in creating custom furniture legs, sofas, lounges, and furniture for every space and occasion.