Customised Outdoor Furniture: Long Tables and Chairs are Necessities for Family Gatherings

January 23, 2018

Backyards, patios and alfresco areas are ideal for all sorts of family gatherings. To entertain properly, though, you need to right furnishings in these areas. While you may already have sufficient outdoor lighting, cooking equipment, loungers and even a fire pit, you may not have are the appropriate long tables and chairs for people to sit to enjoy their food. Customised ones are the best for your needs in this area since you can order the exact table size that you require to accommodate your many family members, and the type and design of the chairs that you prefer. Below, you will discover some reasons why you should choose this route to obtain quality outdoor furniture.

You Choose the Size and Style

One benefit of ordering custom outdoor furniture such as long tables and chairs is that you are the one who determines and size and style of them. While you may not have a large family, you may just want to buy a large enough table to hold the amount of food that your family enjoys eating during various outdoor gatherings. On the other hand, you might need to accommodate a dozen or more people at your table.

Seating Is Available in Both Bench and Stool Styles

In addition to selecting the size and shape of the table, you will be able to choose between bench and stool type of outdoor chairs. The benches provide the tables with a picnic-table feeling while the stools provide a bit of extra elbow room for your guests.

Select the Finish the Complements Your House in the Ideal Fashion

Another element that you can customise on outdoor long tables and chairs is the finish on them. You can select any colour of wood stain that you prefer to ensure that they complement your home in the ideal way.

The Choice of Materials Is Your Decision

The type of materials for the long tables and chairs is another choice that you get a decision in to ensure that they suit your preferences. Weather-resistant timbers and stainless steel frames are the top choices since these will stand up to all types of weather from extreme heat to rain and snow.

To receive only high-quality customised outdoor furniture in the way of long tables and chairs, deal with Peter Ross Enterprises. We provide Jarrah-top stainless steel frames for tables and benches, SS Jarrah top stools or high table stools upon request. Our staff members will meet with you to learn all of your needs and preferences before issuing a quote and building your custom order.