Custom Furniture Legs – Ideal for Upholstery and Designer Upgrades

February 12, 2014

When redecorating, it can sometimes be difficult to decide what needs done to give your home that finishing touch and appeal. For the most part, customizing any room is relatively easy. With a little creativity and a few ideas, you will be able to transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary. Here are a few decorating tips that are affordable, simple and brilliant.

Upgrading Upholstery

One of the easiest projects to undertake is upgrading your upholstery. Just a few simple changes can convert an ordinary piece of furniture into a work of art. For instance, adding custom furniture legs to an old upholstered chair will give it a new look and feel. You can even select custom made legs to match the rest of your décor.

Another great idea is to mix the old with the new. In fact, antique furniture combined with modern can create an unmatched unique style. An antique piece of furniture sitting in the shed can easily be transformed with a nice coat of varnish or special wax and custom made legs.

The Latest Look

The latest trend with furniture is sleek and comfy. Contemporary style includes both wood and upholstered. Chrome, stainless steel and nickel are also quite popular for table legs, lamps, hardware and appliances.

If you are after a sleek or heightened look, you can add streamline legs to a standard cabinet, table or chair. Good selections for urban furniture include cone, shadow and pyramid legs. For instance, chrome ball legs are a nice accent with chairs, ottomans and couches. Another fabulous look embraces block legs that are added to your living room décor.

Pedestal type tables are also very trendy. Many decorators are taking simple table tops and adding a pedestal base made of chrome or stainless steel. This design adds the new sleek look plus keeps the comfort you desire. One of the classiest ideas is to take an old institutional table top and refurbish it and add a pedestal base. Not only do you have a bigger table but you have a solid piece of furniture that is in Vogue.

Upgrading Your Furniture

Before you upgrade your furniture it is usually best to do a little research so you know the value of what you have. If you so happen to own a collectable then you might want a specialist to help you do the restoration. A specialist has the expertise, the experience and will be able to answer questions you may have.

One of the leading companies in the Melbourne area is Peter Ross Enterprises. They specialize in furniture legs have also have extensive knowledge in custom-made furniture. In truth, they are a renowned business that has provided the domestic and commercial markets with the highest quality furniture since 1996. So if you have any questions about your restoration project or need a custom made piece of furniture to match your décor, give Peter Ross Enterprises a call.