Custom Furniture for Every Room and Every Occasion Available at Peter Ross Enterprises

March 20, 2018

To ensure that your furniture suits your décor in the ideal fashion, it is best to customise it instead of using stock options that will limit your choices. The reason is that you can select the shape, colour and size of it along with fabrics for the upholstery if pertinent. Ensure that you receive only quality pieces by dealing with a reputable company that creates custom furniture for every room and occasion. Peter Ross Enterprises is this type of company, and we guarantee attractive, durable results with each customised order.

We Create a Wide Assortment of Furniture

Our company designs and constructs a wide variety of furniture pieces according to our clients’ specifications and preferences. Examples of our customised offerings include:

• Sofas
• Lounges
• Chairs
• Tables
• Outdoor furniture pieces
• Assorted style of legs

Design Plans and Construction in One Neat Package

No need to hire a separate designer when you turn to our company for custom furniture since we supply plans to you. Our design staff members will work closely with you to ensure that your piece has all of the features that you desire.

Peter Ross Enterprises Is a Local Company

Another reason to turn for us for custom furniture for any room or occasion is the fact that we are here locally. This means that you can visit our facilities in Melbourne and not just order without seeing our setup. Also, you will be supporting the local economy by doing business with Peter Ross Enterprises.

Our Company Uses Only Quality Materials

You also need to know that we use only quality, durable materials in our furniture and this includes the paint or stain that may be on your pieces. In comparison, stock options often use inferior woods, finishes and other elements, and for this reason, they do not last as long as customised ones do for you.

Each Custom Piece Is Skillfully Assembled

One other benefit of our custom furniture is that we skillfully assemble each piece. We do this, and the inclusion of quality materials to ensure that our custom pieces will endure throughout the years to provide our clients with a high return on their investment.

For further details about our company, and why we are the place to purchase custom furniture for every room and occasion, schedule an appointment of drop by our Campbellfield premises. Also, feel free to look around our website to see examples of our products. With over 30 years of experience in this industry, you can rest assured to receive only quality products from our company.