Choose the Right Bed Legs for Your Outdoor Daybeds

May 29, 2018

Since outdoor daybeds must endure various types of weather conditions, it is important for you to select the right type of bed legs for them. Resistant to weather is not the only determining factor for these legs, though, since you must also match the style and the daybed, ensure that the legs are insect resistant, select the height that suits your requirements and choose durable legs. We elaborate on each detail that you need to think about in the following facts.

Outdoor Daybed Legs Need to Be Weather and Insect Resistant

The first thing to look for in bed legs for an outdoor daybeds is that they are weather resistant. They should be able to withstand rain, exposure to UV rays and more without cracking, fading or rotting. Also, they must not attract insects that will feed on them if they are not made from insect-resistant materials.

Match or Complement the Style of the Daybed

Ensure that the style of legs matches or complements the style of the daybed. For example, you should not place modern legs on a traditional daybed. They will look out of place and ruin the traditional characteristics of the daybed. Always provide continuity in design when installing legs not only on outdoor daybeds but also on other pieces of furniture.

Choose the Right Height of Leg for Your Outdoor Daybed

Select the height of leg that is right for your needs. If you have trouble standing up from low daybeds, choose taller legs that will raise the daybed up to a comfortable height to meet your mobility needs. However, if the outdoor daybed is for children or height is not an issue, you can install shorter legs on it.

Legs Need to Be Sufficiently Durable to Handle the Weight of the Daybed and Its Users

The legs should be able to support the weight of the daybed and all of its users in a durable, safe fashion. For this reason, you need to select the legs for this purpose. While some legs are meant for tables and chairs can be even in a retro design that is tapered, the legs for this type of daybed need to be thicker and heavier in design.

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