Choose the Best Furniture Legs That Will Match Your Sofa Upholstery

October 18, 2017

Today, sofa upholstery comes in a wide array of colours, patterns and even textures. You can select a solid colour without a pattern that is smooth to the touch or you may prefer a black and white geometric design just for two examples. To select the right upholstery, you need to take into consideration the overall style of the sofa, and this holds true for other parts of the sofa such as the legs. In this information, we will be discussing how to choose the best furniture legs to match whichever upholstery that you prefer for your sofa.

Match the Legs to the Overall Style of the Upholstery

Modern fabrics for sofas can include geometric designs, bold colours and intricate patterns. Chrome, aluminium and alloy legs in various heights and diameters are available that are ideal to complement this type of upholstery in an attractive, stylish fashion.

Traditional upholstery can range from solid colours to floral designs of soft to deep greens, yellows, reds and violets along with other shades. Wooden legs that are either plain or have decorative ridges are appropriate for this type of sofa upholstery since they belong to the same décor style.

Contemporary means ‘now’, so this style can change from time to time not only in the upholstery for your sofa, but also the legs that complement it in the right fashion. Stay up on the yearly trends to know how to choose the right legs for a contemporary sofa fabric.

Retro style dates back to the 1940s and 1950s and include solid, striped, polka-dotted and checkerboard patterns with a wide range of colours. Of course, today’s retro is inspired by the original look. Along with this style of upholstery, you can find florals in the style if you prefer. Legs for retro sofas are distinctive since they are of wood and cone shaped with metal toes.

At times, the Finish of the Legs Needs to Complement the Colours of the Upholstery

There are times when you will need to choose the finish of the legs as well as their shape that best complements your sofa’s upholstery. For example, if your upholstery contains primarily tan or brown shades, a similar colour of legs will be highly attractive with these shades.

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