Bring the French Furniture Style into Your Home with Peter Ross Enterprises

June 10, 2015

A French country look remains one of the most popular styles for home decorating. The European elegance pairs nicely with homespun comfort. And when it comes to decorating, there are numerous options that can enhance your living space with a French country feel.

Some of the most prevalent French decorating ideas include updated vintage furniture, refurbished antiques and unique ‘brocante’ items you might find at a flea market or estate sale. In truth, a couple French furniture pieces and a few decorative treasures will enrich your décor with romance, charm and grace. What is more, a handful of French flair will create an incredible home living space that is comfy and personable.

French Decorating Ideas

The best way to add French ambiance to your décor is with furniture. Truthfully, there is nothing more elegant than French furniture. Whether it is a French country table or an overstuffed chair, a few select pieces will transform your home from mediocre to awe inspiring. Add a couple decorative accessories and you have created a French country look everyone will admire.

Upgrade rustic furniture: Look for rustic furniture that replicates the French style. Today you can find rustic pieces just about anywhere; at flea markets, brand new, at second hands stores, antique shops and yard sales. Look for items that have a dull low-shine finish such as dining sets, chest drawers and stylish chairs. The best French type chairs are vertical slat chairs and ladderback. You can refurbish an item by adding new furniture legs and a dull low-sheen finish. Prevalent paint colors include deep greys, black, gray, soft cream and corn yellow. You also want to display the layers of patina with an Heirloom piece so that it tells a story. Most importantly, choose furniture that fits your personal tastes for there are numerous French styles.

Customary Printed Fabrics: If painting is not your bravura, then new French style upholstery is a great option. Traditional French fabrics include basic stripes, plaids and checks. The most stylish primary shades are greens, bright orange and lavenders. You can also opt for motifs such as lavender, various flowers and herbs, olives, grapes, sunflowers or roosters. One of the most attractive designs is to showcase the motifs sporadically and complement them with a border. In addition, make sure to renew the furniture with solid stylized legs.

French Country Decorating Ideas

When decorating French country style you want to use natural materials. Your décor should include natural elements like stone, brick and wood. You can incorporate stone or brick into your décor by the use of tiles. You can add a nice French touch by utilizing wood in your furniture, beams, flooring and ceiling. As well, add simple and comfy textures such as wool, cotton, clay and painted glass. Inspiring items include painted glass lamp shades or windows, cotton pillows, wool blankets and clay pots for plants or flowers. You also want to use warm colors like burnt rust, cobalt blue and gold.

French Furniture

Peter Ross Enterprises specializes in the craftsmanship of most types of wooden furniture. And when it comes to combining various aesthetics and cultures, they have the expertise.