Benefits of Luxurious Tub Chairs

May 25, 2017

Tub chairs are a tad outdated by today’s aesthetic standards, but people who have a thing for vintage appeal, these represent the quintessential comfort furniture of decades past. They may look cumbersome, but anyone’s whose ever owned tub chairs will attest that they are absolutely comfortable. However, is comfort enough of a reason to welcome something as archaic as a tub chair into one’s home or office?

If you’re contemplating on purchasing a luxurious tub chair for your home or office, then here are some of the benefits to consider that tub chairs can offer:

  • Comfort – tub chairs are undeniably comfortable. The older versions featured horsehair stuffing, but everything from treated and sterilised wool, feathers, and hypoallergenic fibres and fillers are now used to fluff-up tub chairs. Irrespective of the type of stuffing used, tub chairs guarantee maximum comfort and unparalleled cushioning, and are the best choices for office lounge chairs, or as reading chairs and a place to relax in the comfort of your home.
  • Durability – because of their solid and stocky construction, tub chairs are quite durable, and, if cared for properly, will last for generations, making them ideal as handed down family heirlooms. This durability extends to the long-wearing nature of the upholstery itself. As any kid of the 1980s will know, jumping on a tub chair was one of the pinnacles of their childhood enjoyment, but most parents weren’t worried because they knew that these chairs could take a beating.
  • Heft – one of the problems a lot of furniture share is their lack of heft. This makes them prone to being shoved around quite easily, especially in a household setting with children. If you’re looking for a solid, squat, and sturdy throne for your tired posterior, the tub chair is just about as solid and as immovable as an iron throne – minus the discomfort.
  • Stylish flair – tub chairs of the bygone years had a propensity for being boring pieces, but being upholstered affairs, they can readily be customised to become as gaudy or as simplistic as desired. The upholstery can even be made to compliment or coordinate with a pre-existing aesthetic, making it absolutely versatile and even indispensable when it comes to décor.

Why invest in hard, uncomfortable, and punishing furnishings when you can seat yourself on the lap of comfort with the best and most luxurious tub chairs by Peter Ross Enterprises.

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