Benefits of Having Furniture Legs for Outdoor Furniture

September 27, 2018

Relaxing outdoors is one of the finest pleasures in life that people come to enjoy. However, it can be a tad problematic, especially if you lack the proper outdoor furniture to allow for a comfortable siesta or an afternoon cup of tea. Sadly, it’s true, most typical outdoor furniture made available in home depot stores today are not exactly designed for comfort, and those that are aren’t ideally designed to brave the elements.

Cozy furniture that is truly designed for the great outdoors is difficult to find, but not at all that impossible to create on your own, as you can use preexisting furniture that you may currently already have in your backyard or on your patio.

The Benefits of Furniture Legs for Outdoor Furniture

One of the most common mistakes that people make when choosing outdoor furniture lies in the choice of furniture legs. In most instances, people presume that hardwood or driftwood benches, for example, with wooden legs (sealed and waterproofed of course), can adequately endure the elements if left alone outdoors. The problem is that sealing wood against moisture isn’t always foolproof, nor does it address issues such as termites or other wood-boring pests, such as beetles or weevils.

Because the legs provide the overall structural integrity of furniture, it is therefore of paramount importance to choose your furniture legs properly, and to modify all preexisting outdoor furniture to accommodate better legs that can weather the elements.

Here are some material choices for furniture legs for outdoor furniture:

• Steel and aluminium – perfectly paired with wood, glass, or stone, steel and aluminium furniture legs can be used both as an accent to furniture and as a means to provide a more stable, but nevertheless lightweight base that allows for some degree of movement. Properly primed and sealed, or otherwise left out to patinate naturally, metal furniture legs are weatherproof.

• Brass legs – quality manufactured solid brass furniture legs are provide a stylish finish to any piece of furniture and are ideal for outside use.

• Custom wood designed furniture legs – if you want to create genuine one-of-a-kind outdoor furniture legs, then quality wood is definitely a good choice for your outdoor furniture, as these can have metal covers to protect them from the elements.

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