Benefits of Bed Frames with Legs

December 15, 2015

Your bed is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. It is generally the main focal point of the room. Not only does your bed need to provide you with comfort for a good night’s sleep but it should have a stylish presence. Truly, it is imperative that your bed fit your personalized style.

Today you can find various types of bed frames. They can be comprised of metal, wood or other material. Although originally built for foundation purposes, the bed frame is now a pleasing addition to your décor. What you choose for a bed frame is a matter of style and preference plus it should always enhance other furniture in the room. So, selecting the right type of bed frame to match your lifestyle is paramount.

Bed frames with legs offer an array of benefits that will add both function and panache, from contemporary style to rustic elegance.

Modern Streamline Affect

Adding legs to a frame gives more of a contemporary and streamline look. Today’s trend involves keeping living areas clutter free and simple. The secret is to build up and not out. By adding legs to the frame, you add height and a more modernized affect.

More Space and Storage

Bed frames that have legs allow more space underneath the bed. In effect, it gives you more room and extra storage that will help you stay organized. Also, with more space your bedroom has a sleek and lighter feeling.

No Runaway Bed

Bed frames with wheels are convenient, especially if you need to move the bed. However, wheels can be a hindrance. For one, the wheels need brakes otherwise the bed is can move. Also, items like string or hair can get caught in the wheels. This can cause the wheels to be dysfunctional.

On the other hand, your bed will not run away with a frame that has legs. There are no brakes that can be broken or that need to be secured, nor do hairs or string get caught up in the wheels. And when you need to move the bed, you simply lift it or just scoot it across the carpet.


Bed frames with legs can be contemporary or traditional. There are a variety of styles to fit your decorating needs. Choose from sleek and urban contemporary chrome-plated steel legs or maybe a rustic design of wooden legs, the possibilities are endless.

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