Bed Makeover from Legless to Bed with Legs

February 24, 2016

When it comes to decorating the bedroom, the bed is the most important. In fact, your bed is the first thing you see when entering the bedroom. According to most decorators, your bed is the main focal point of the room. Not only should your bed deliver comfort but it needs to have a stylish appeal. In truth, an up-to-date and personalized bed will make a world of difference in tasteful quality and ambiance.

One of the most successful and stylish bedroom makeovers is a bed with legs. They can be catered to your personal style plus add modern day charm. In fact, a bed with legs offers a wide array of benefits including functionality and class.

Contemporary Sophistication

One of the trendiest styles today is a streamline look. Designers agree that a room where angles and contours flow together is quite popular. Complex structure is out, keeping things simple and unfussy is widely held. Beds that have legs add height, which allow the lines of the room to flow easier together. It also rouses a cleaner look.

Adds Storage

Beds with legs can help you get rid of clutter plus free up a lot of room. By adding legs and a frame with drawers, you create a well-organized and contemporary living area. Plus, a storage bed generates a relaxed atmosphere by enhancing a clean and flowing ambiance.

A Variety of Styles

Bed legs come in a wide variety options that can be catered to fit individual tastes. In fact, you can add legs that completely change the look of your bed. For instance, adding long tapered legs can change the style into the popular platform bed. This style reflects a clean and relaxed look that immediately updates a room.


Beds with legs create airiness to the bedroom. The contour lines not only flow better together but they are extended both vertically and horizontally. This additional spaciousness makes the room feel larger, clean and lighter.


A bed with legs is optional in style. Bed legs can create a traditional or contemporary bravura. Rendering to artistes, some of the most popular designs include chrome-plated steel leg that are sleek and very urban, wooden legs for the trendy country look or custom made to fit your exact needs and décor.

Other popular styles include mid-century modern with wood or metal legs, dainty wooden legs for the “Downton Abbey” feel and metal hairpin legs for the new Mad Men style.

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