Aluminium Sofa and Bed Legs for Rust Free Unique Design

April 29, 2016

When in search of a modern style of legs for sofas or beds, turn your attention to the aluminium sofa and bed legs from Peter Ross Enterprises. Legs out of this metal not only are attractive with their sleek design, but also they are rustproof and highly durable. We offer a variety of styles to ensure that you will discover the right one for your needs. Read further details about the benefits of these legs here in our information.

A Modern Design Option

Our legs with their sharp corners and sleek lines adhere to the modern design principles that are so popular today in furniture. Add these features to the shininess of aluminium and you have a win-win choice with legs for beds or sofas. No matter the height or style that you select, you will delight in how well these legs fit with modern furniture.

Rustproof Even in Damp Climates

Even in damp weather conditions, aluminium will not rust. The scientific reason for this is the fact that this metal forms a layer of aluminium oxide naturally that is impermeable. This layer is what provides this metal with its high level of rust resistance.

The Legs Come in a Variety of Styles and Heights

Aluminium sofa and bed legs are available is a variety of styles and heights. To judge which one is right for you, consider how far off the floor you want the sofa or bed to sit. At times, people do not want a large void of space under their furniture while at other times, they enjoy using this space for additional storage. Our company carries the following choices in these legs:

  • #17 is a tall, thin selection that comes in the size of 39sq 150h as well as other sizes
  • #18 is stockier than the leg in #17 is and is 50sq
  • #19 is another tall selection, but is not as thin as #17 is and is 100h 50sq
  • #20 is blockish in style and is 70sq
  • #21 sits horizontally rather than vertical and is 70h and comes in three lengths, namely 100, 150 or 200

When you purchase aluminium sofa and bed legs from Peter Ross Enterprises, you support a local industry. We manufacture these legs and our other choices right here in Australia. With each purchase, you receive a guarantee of quality and satisfaction. Please, browse through our entire selection of legs to discover all that we have to offer.

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