Aluminium and Wood Combination Furniture: Perfect for Outdoor Setting

January 30, 2018

Outdoor furniture has its own special kind of aesthetics that are a league apart from the standards of interior décor. But beyond aesthetics, outdoor furniture likewise requires specific materials that are meant to withstand the stress of outdoor use. Wrought iron, aluminium, and thick hardwood have always been go-to outdoor furniture material, primarily because of their hardy and near-weather-proof nature.

On their own, they stand alone as excellent material for outdoor furniture, but if the aesthetics of yesteryear are of any degree of significance, we can see that combining one or more of these materials into one well-executed piece of furniture does not only make for an aesthetically pleasing sight, but also a hardier and more long-lasting piece.

Years ago, wrought iron was often combined with wood, not only to save material, but also to impart added strength and structural integrity; the one problem with wrought iron however is that it will eventually oxidise and weaken with time. A better alternative to wrought iron is aluminium, which is not only rust-proof and corrosion-resistant, but is also lighter and just as durable, and makes for an excellent combination with a lot of hardwoods for outdoor furniture available.

These obviously have a myriad of advantages beyond the aesthetic, but if you are contemplating on investing in stylish and long-lasting outdoor furniture, consider the advantage of aluminium and wood combination furnishings:

• Aesthetics – wood and metal has always been a stylish combination since time immemorial. There is something altogether rugged, yet refined, about this combination that appeals to almost everyone. Aluminium, with its capacity to be polished or textured, also lends an excellent contrast to raw or polished wood.

• Cost-effective nature – most materials that are employed for aluminium and wood combination furniture are quite affordable, since even top-quality aluminium can easily be sourced through recycled material, and good wood can be obtained even through cut and sanded driftwood. This results in a product of significantly higher quality than run-of-the-mill store-bought furniture that also has the advantage of being affordable.

• Low maintenance – wood-and-aluminium combination furniture tends to be very low maintenance and is intended to handle the ravages of the environment well. Investing in a set can guarantee one decades of use, with very little significant wear and tear, in spite of constant exposure.

If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor furniture, don’t settle for second-rate pieces when tried-and-true is always best. Instead, consider Peter Ross Enterprises for aluminium and wood combination furniture for your outdoor setting.