Advantages of Stainless Steel Furniture

August 22, 2013

Stainless steel furniture is being used more and more frequently in every strata of society because the material brings so many inherent advantages to the application.

Stainless Steel is Stainless

Stainless steel is one of the least reactive metals commonly used in furniture applications. It does not corrode and reacts with very few chemicals commonly found in a household. This characteristic means that when cleaning stainless steel furniture, there is less worry that a cleaner will cause a blemish (though it is always safest to test any cleaning agent being used for the first time on a spot not normally visible). Another advantage to the nonreactive stainless steel is that spills and other stains are easier to remove because they simply sit on the surface of the furniture instead of actively bonding with it.

Stainless Steel is Strong

Among the metals used as a decoration, like chrome, or used to provide strength, like spring steel, stainless steel is the only one that embodies both aspects. In fact, in terms of metals that are both extremely strong and shiny and nice, only Titanium would be better than stainless steel and since Titanium would cost hundreds of times what stainless does in furniture applications, stainless reigns supreme for real world applications. Used as cladding for appliances like refrigerators, stainless steel resists dents and dings better than aluminum or chrome. The ability to withstand punishment while resisting stains has made stainless steel a resounding favorite in high volume kitchens where there is little time for replacing broken items or cleaning easily stained ones.

Stainless Steel is Neutral

The silver gray color of stainless steel does not clash with any other colors, making stainless steel a very versatile furniture material. A high end sitting room with delicate decor is a place where a contemporary style stainless steel table will fit with no problem. Likewise, a more rugged stainless table fits just fine in a hunting cabin full of leather and dark wood. The beauty of stainless steel’s color is that it can remain neutral without blending into obscurity. This makes stainless a perfect accent to draw attention without detracting from the room around it.

Stainless steel definitely has many advantages as a furniture material. In fact, next to wood, stainless has become the structural material of choice and almost entirely taken over high end kitchens. For any application where strength and beauty are both desired, stainless steel is worth looking into.