Advantages of Furniture Legs for Kitchen Display Cabinets and Cupboards

December 3, 2018

When it comes to showcases and displays, ornate and ostentatious designs are often the go-to choice. In recent years however, there has been a vogue that gravitates towards the minimalistic and simple aesthetics that serve to make kitchen display cabinets and cupboards a mere means to an end, instead of an aesthetic piece in their own right, giving a chance for whatever is housed in them to truly shine.

In the case of modern display cabinets and cupboards, the primary focus has now shifted from the whole furniture being richly ornamented (as typified by Baroque examples), to only having the furniture legs being spruced up. There are a number of advantages to this shift in aesthetics, and if you are contemplating on investing in a display case for your kitchen or living room, then here are some things you need to know:

Added stability – stability is a prerequisite for any display cabinet – especially ones that house cutlery and crockery. Having customised furniture legs that are expressly made to carry the weight of heavy items housed in a display ensures that they remain safe from accidental toppling. Customised furniture legs can even be modified to feature added grips that allow for a firmer, non-slip hold on tile, marble, and polished wood flooring.

Aesthetic improvement – most display cabinets are made to showcase the unique appeal of whatever is displayed inside them. The problem with highly ornamented display cases is in their tendency to clash with the items that are being showcased. Choosing to ornament only legs of a display case allows the focus to revert back to the items within a display case, rather than on the furniture itself, without sacrificing its overall aesthetic quality.

Customisable storage options – some custom furniture legs can sometimes feature one-of-a-kind storage options that increase the usability of a kitchen display cabinet or cupboard, combining the best of practicality and beauty. In instances where additional storage is needed for items that need stowing, but are not essential for display, customised furniture legs with secret compartments, or built-in drawers that also function as bolsters, increase the usability of kitchen display cabinets and cupboards.

If you are interested in befitting from top-quality customised furniture legs for kitchen display cabinets and cupboards, or you need to find reliable furniture repair and maintenance services, then feel free to contact us here at Peter Ross Enterprises today, we can help will all of your furniture needs.