Advantages of Cast Iron Legs for Tables and Chairs

June 29, 2020

While most furniture items are sold in full, some stores are now starting to support the sale of separate parts for each furniture. Doing this type of purchase allows buyers to have the liberty of customising the appearance, design, and quality of their furniture items. It can also help buyers save money since they do not have to buy the full set of furniture items. One specific part of furniture items that can be purchased separately are legs for tables and chairs.

Some parts of chairs and tables that are available for sale are usually made from wood, wrought iron, fibreglass, and stainless steel. However, another material that is now being utilised by furniture makers is cast iron. Cast iron is a type of metal that is heavier than other furniture material. It is also durable and can withstand various damaging elements like corrosion and extreme temperatures. Given these features, furniture manufacturers have opted to create and sell cast iron legs for tables and chairs.

Some key advantages of obtaining cast iron legs for tables and chairs are the following:

Numerous Design Choices

Cast iron legs for tables and chairs are typically fabricated out of metal casting. Metal casting is a process that pours molten metal into a mould with a hollow cavity and allows it to cool down to form the desired part. Since the mould can take any shape and design, the available design choices for cast iron legs for tables and chairs are abundant. From being minimal to being classical, buyers would surely appreciate the added aesthetic value of cast iron legs to their existing or new furniture.

Strong Weight Support

One factor that must be considered in buying separate legs for tables and chairs is their ability to support the frame and body of the furniture. Some legs cannot support the weight of certain furniture items, even if they are already lightweight. Fortunately, cast iron legs can readily support heavy tables and chairs. And even if you put heavy objects on the table, the cast iron legs would still keep everything steady. Sitting on a chair with cast iron legs is also comfortable since they can support any weight.

Long-Lasting and Durable

Cast iron by itself can withstand damaging elements like corrosion and extreme temperatures. Once the material is moulded into furniture legs, it generates a protective surface coating that enhances its resistance to corrosion. The manufacturer will then subject these furniture legs to various coating processes like painting and galvanizing to cut off any oxidizing elements that may penetrate the surface. With these added improvements, you can expect cast iron legs to last for a very long time.

Choosing cast iron as the material for your furniture legs can grant you all the benefits that are mentioned above. If you want to have your own set of cast iron legs for tables and chairs, then give us a call now at Peter Ross Enterprises. We specialize in creating custom furniture legs, sofas, lounges, and custom furniture for every occasion.