A Quick Look at the Types of Furniture Legs

July 17, 2014

Furnishings are an essential part of any home, and a home would be quite comfortless in the absence of chairs, tables, and beds. These things are so ubiquitous to the modern lifestyle; however, most of the time people seem to take it for granted unless the furniture gets broken or damaged. One of the most readily ruined parts of home furniture is the legs, and also easily the most overlooked part.

There are innumerable types of furniture legs, each specifically designated for a distinct type of furniture style. While practically speaking, any type of furniture legs will do so long as a thing is propped up and stable. Making sure that your home’s furnishings look impeccable however curtails a need for specialized furniture legs to either match your intended aesthetics or to repair parts that have been broken.

When you’re looking for furniture legs, it is important to remember that the types of furniture legs available are just as numerous as the type of materials they can be made from. The most common furniture legs available are made of wood. Hardwoods are very popular and for good reason. Hardwood is very durable, although depending on the intricacy of the carving, design or the overall shape of the furniture leg, they can be quite pricey.

Inexpensive wood follows hardwoods in popularity. Why is that? Because these tend to lack the aesthetics of visible or beautiful grains, although such woods can be stained to imitate hardwood furniture legs, often to match pre-existing decor or furniture in need of repair. These furniture legs are less pricey, can be readily turned out according to specifications, and are widely available for do-it-yourselfers.

The last type of furniture legs in the ‘wood’ category are those that are made from compounded wood. This doesn’t really count as true wood, but is more of a laminar of sawdust and other organic compounds bound together with a binder and then laminated to make it appear wood like. This too, can be shaped to suit any type of furniture or style.

Aside from wood, metals like aluminum, steel, chrome, and iron are also experiencing a comeback if not a surge in the furniture business. Unlike wood, metal furniture legs can be very pricey. Price of metal furniture legs depend on the metal type, the design, the thickness and overall strength of the legs, and the condition of the material (i. e. polished, distressed, weathered, etc.).

These types of furniture legs look great on modern pieces, as they tend to be quite conspicuous, and would not at all be inappropriately displayed on a reception room or some other place that exudes authority or necessitates a modern sort of class. Regardless of your needs, whenever furniture legs are required, you can trust Peter Ross Enterprises to provide you with all of your needs. No matter where you are in Australia, or anywhere else in the world, if you need specialized custom made furniture legs and furniture for any occasion, contact Peter Ross Enterprises.