A Quick Checklist of How to Judge the Quality of a Sofa Lounge

June 7, 2021

Sofa lounges are designed in various sizes, shapes and styles. Some have structures very much like traditional sofas, while others are contemporary fold-out models. These folding styles can be adjusted to serve as slender daybed designs, medium-size couches or wide, full-size lounge sofas. You can make your selection from a wide variety of styles, materials and sizes, or you can order a customised design.

When shopping for a new sofa lounge, it is quite helpful if you can visit a showroom that displays these attractive items of furniture. This is the ideal way to best judge the size, style, shape, frame and upholstery fabric of the models that interest you.

Yet we now live in a digital era during which the vast majority of home and commercial furniture buyers shop online. For this reason, you need to have a definitive checklist of features and qualities to look for before buying a new sofa lounge.

Checklist of Features and Qualities to Examine Before Buying a Sofa Lounge

The following list reveals important features, functions and qualities that you should examine before deciding to purchase a sofa lounge:

1. Examine the Overall Sofa Lounge Structure. After standing next to a sofa lounge model or looking at a close-up photo online, step back or return the photo to its original size. Does the overall design please you? Is it too ornate or too plain, formal or casual? Most importantly, does it seem well made and sturdy for long-term use? If you are in a showroom, take time to sit on the lounge to test its comfort as well.

2. Look at the Sofa Materials. If its frame is visible or if it has wooden or metal arms, check to ensure that they are strong and secure. If a sofa lounge model is entirely upholstered, examine the fabric and read the label or ask a sales representative for the specs. You want to be sure of the type of fabric, its quality and its estimated length of use. For combination wooden or metal and fabric lounge designs, check joints and connecting points or overlays of materials for smoothness and good craftsmanship.

3. Check the Style and Strength of Sofa Legs. Especially if a sofa lounge that interests you has very slender or trendy legs, check the style and materials for strength. Unless these legs are made of sturdy wood, metal or a reliable composite material, check the product warranty for coverage of all parts.

4. Decide Whether a Sofa Lounge Suits Your Room Decor. Unless a sofa lounge that you especially like aligns well with the current decor of the room where you will place it, keep your buying options open. Even if you relate to the design of this piece, you may be faced with replacing other items of decor that conflict with the sofa’s design.

By consulting our experts at Peter Ross Enterprises located in Campbellfield, Melbourne, Victoria, you can obtain valuable advice concerning how to judge the true quality of a sofa lounge. Our experienced professionals will save you valuable time, energy, headaches and money by guiding you in selecting the ideal sofa lounge design to enhance every aspect of your room decor.