3 Signs It’s Time to Buy a New Outdoor Furniture

January 28, 2021

Outdoor furniture pieces, as the name implies, are intended to be used in outdoor spaces such as patio and garden. These furniture pieces are mostly made from materials that are highly durable and can resist weather elements like heat and moisture. But while they have great features and properties, they can still be vulnerable to damages due to repetitive use or prolonged exposure to more extreme elements.

Owning outdoor furniture pieces such as chairs and tables require optimum care and maintenance. But once you have spotted some of the following signs on your existing outdoor furniture pieces, then it is time to replace them and purchase new ones.

Dust Particles and Stains

Most outdoor furniture pieces are used for eating and hanging out with families or visitors. And since they are being used regularly, dust particles, stains, and other dirty elements are expected to accumulate on these furniture pieces all the time. And despite cleaning them regularly, dust particles and other similar elements can just accumulate quickly on their surfaces and areas. If these particles can still be removed by wiping them with suitable cleaning products, then your furniture can still be used. Alternatively, if the stains on your furniture cannot be removed anymore, then it is time for you to replace it.

Mould or Mildew Build-up

Outdoor furniture pieces are often exposed to weather elements. And once their surfaces become damp and moist, then they can easily provide mould and mildew with a place to growth and spread. The continuous build-up of these elements will not only make your outdoor furniture pieces look unappealing, but it can also generate health hazards to people who will be using them. Additionally, the accumulation of mould or mildew can release a strong smell that cannot be tolerated by some people. If your outdoor furniture pieces now generate this type of smell, then you must replace them immediately.

Chipping Paint and Rust

There are a lot of outdoor furniture pieces that are powder coated or painted. While these surface coatings have enhanced the properties and longevity of the furniture pieces, they can still be damaged after using them for a long time. If your outdoor furniture pieces are starting to show signs of discolouration, then you may want to replace them soon. Your furniture pieces can likewise attain some rust due to their exposure to corrosive elements. A piece of outdoor furniture that has already obtained a heavy amount of rust cannot be repaired anymore. Instead, you must find and buy a new one. To acquire new pieces of outdoor furniture, feel free to contact us at Peter Ross Enterprises. We specialise in creating custom-made furniture legs, sofas, lounges, and custom-made furniture for every occasion. We believe that the key to a good furniture is in the detail, that is why we focus on the quality of our handmade furniture legs, sofas, lounges, and custom-made furniture to suit your every need.