2017 Vintage Decorating Ideas: Make Retro Antique Furniture Work for You

January 11, 2017

Interior decorating ideas are always changing, and home furniture today directly reflects that constant change, however, there are styles and furniture designs that never change, or that become out of date, such as retro antique furniture. It’s true, there are no defined decorating rules that require all the furniture in your home or office to be from the same era.

On the contrary, embracing different styles, even contrasting styles, can give your home a unique liveliness and texture that mass-produced and matching furniture can’t compare with. This is especially true when using retro antique furniture in your home. If you are interested in vintage decorating ideas for 2017, then retro antique furniture can work for you.

Vintage Decorating Ideas for 2017 Using Retro Antique Furniture

It is 2017, and there is no shortage of modern design ideas. The use of minimalist furniture is very common, but if you want to effectively contrast modern design ideas, with some retro antique furniture, you can. There are a number of ways you can creatively and effectively merge vintage styled furniture into modern interior designs, here are a few creative decorating ideas below to provide a little inspiration for your next room renovation project.

Vintage dresser in a modern living room – it’s not unheard of to have a dresser in the living room, especially in small urban apartments where space is limited. A vintage dresser can give your living room a retro antique look if you paint it the same colour and design as the walls, it will fashionably blend right-in. And, you can place a television on it and use the drawers to store all types of things, such as a gaming console, books, blankets, or anything you need store out of they way.

Modern tables with retro chairs – pairing these together, or having a retro table and modern chairs, can create as fashionable focal point in a room, especially if there is an oriental rug on the floor.

Utilising retro tables and chairs, along with a piece of vintage furniture, is one of the most affordable ways to stylishly transform a room in your home. Also, using retro furniture legs on your existing furniture can make a huge, instant impact on the look of a room. Not only can you add flare to a vintage piece of furniture with new furniture legs, but you can also get furniture legs that are longer to increase the height of chairs, coffee tables, couches, and beds.

If you can’t find any retro antique furniture or furniture legs that you like, you can always have these custom-made, at an affordable price. At Peter Ross Enterprises, we can literally custom make any retro vintage furniture legs, chairs, coffee tables, or any wooden retro furniture you want, that will match any decorating vintage ideas you have.

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